This is a modern battery, which positive and negative electrodes are made of calcium alloy.

  The battery is designed, so that it could meet expectations of the most experiences consumers – owners of premium class vehicles.

  Especially high start current, perfect charge receipt and increased capacity enables satisfaction of power demands of vehicles with great number of receivers installed.

  The battery consumers small amount of water, it is does not need maintenance; the battery has an exclusive cover of special design preventing leakage of electrode and protecting against flammability from a fire source, equipped with charge indicator (magic eye).


  • no maintenance is needed
  • “calcium-calcium” technology
  • minimum self-recharging
  • minor water consumption
  • optimum grating geometry
  • greater capacity reserve
  • increased start power
  • longer use period
  • a cover with labyrinth system, protecting against electrode leakage, equipped with insertions protecting against explosion
  • magic eye indicator

  JENOX GOLD battery is designed for modern vehicles needing great start power and equipped with great number of receivers.

The battery enables starting of the vehicle engine under complicated operating conditions.