JSC „Rytas“ was established in 1990 year. There are working 45 qualifed employees in company „Rytas“.

Company’s activities include wholesale and retail sale of agricultural, industrial and car tires for: tractors, vehycles, plows, harvesters and other agriculture equipment, wheels and rims, wheel double systems, rubber hoses, batteries for various equipment, v-belts, spare parts for tractors, combine harvesters, agricultural equipment, plows, tire repair materials, household and industrial goods tools, lubricants, technical liquids and rubber products.

JSC “Rytas” main activity trends are:

– wholesale and retail sale;

– electronic sale;

– tyres repairing and mounting;

– mobile service of tyres;

– hydraulic hoses repairing and tips clutch;

– delivery of the goods for the clients;

– free information and advices.


In retail sale stores goods assortment make over 20 000 names of goods. Our company represents the companies below: Michelin, Continental, Mitas, Jenox, Trelleborg, Dunlop, Cultor, Ozka, Bridgestone, Firestone, Good Year, Kabat, Fagumit, Rubena, Kormoran, BF Goodrich, NDI, Belshina, Taurus, Kleber, Sanok, Sava, and other manufacturers brands. Also we are importers and sellers of MTZ and T-25 tractors spare parts.

JSC „Rytas“ has stores, warehouses and tyres replace and repair services in Vilkaviškis, Vilnius, Kaunas and Marijampole.


JSC „Rytas“ branch JSC „Rytvita“ was established in 1994 year. There are 16 qualifed employees in company „Rytvita“.


The main activity of the company is:


– Screw compressors;

– mobile compressors;

– blowers;

– boosters;

– vacuum pumps;

– air dryers;

– air receivers and their supplements;

– air flow measuring.


JSC “Rytvita’s” services are:


– the rent of equipment;

– equipment service and repair;

– screw air, pneumotransport and ventilation systems mounting;

– screw air systems audit;

– screw air and pressure measurements and analysis of energy input using KESS method;

– free advices.


JSC “Rytvita” is an official representative of “Kaeser Kompressoren”, Komnino, VP Instruments …