Batteries JENOX classic truck SHD 12v (Super Heavy Duty)
Special battery range of high-performance engines for use in vehicles, working in extreme conditions.

Recommended for trucks and buses manufactured since 2007.

Construction features:
– Hybrid system – calcium and low amount of antimony alloys

– Thick slab of using gravitational technology

– Grate with full frame

– Large diameters of the bridge connections

– Separator material with Glassmat

– The increased thickness of the separator

– A special composition of active masses

– Electrolyte additive (prevents the formation of dendrites)

– Wafer blocks stabilization chambers

– A large mass of active energy efficiency

– Higher cyclic durability

– High starting current

– Greater capacity for 20 hours

– Low self-discharge

– High resistance to vibration

– High resistance to perforation of the separator

– High stability parameters

– The minimum service
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